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New Business Checklist

Welcome to Nevada's New Business Checklist. We look forward to assisting you with your new domestic Nevada business.

In 5 simple steps, generate a preview of licenses and requirements for your future Nevada business. ?

Note: If you are interested in setting up a Foreign (Non-Nevada) entity qualification, please visit the EXTERNAL web site at to find your respective entity type. Foreign qualifications cannot be conducted online via SilverFlume at this time.

Some small businesses and independent contractors forego required steps because they do not know which requirements apply to their business. SilverFlume guides new businesses through important registration steps as they apply, such as:

Step 1. Entity Formation

Step 2. Regulatory Requirements

Step 3: Assess Local Licensing and Zoning Requirements

*You will want to confirm your zoning requirements before conducting any licensing and/or permitting. ?

Step 4. Employer Requirements

Step 5. Nevada Taxation Requirements

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SilverFlume Nevada's Business Portal New Business Checklist
Questions? Please contact customer support at or 775.684.5708 option 9.