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New Business Checklist

Plan Your Business

Before you file for licenses, a business plan will help you to avoid costly rework and refiling.

For help in planning, go to Nevada Department of Business & Industry’s interactive startup guide (click the road map image below) for links to information, counseling, funding and other resources available.


Once you’ve planned your business, you’re ready to conduct required governmental filings.

Preview Filing Requirements in 5 Simple Steps

Answer 5 questions to preview filing requirements, estimated costs and time to complete. When ready, you can file online via SilverFlume.

Step 1. Form and register your legal entity in Nevada, and obtain a State Business License

Step 2. Regulatory and/or licensing board requirements

Step 3: Assess local licensing, zoning, utility usage, and other requirements specific to the physical location

Step 4. Employer requirements

Step 5. Nevada Department of Taxation requirements

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