Certain filing types have been temporarily disabled for troubleshooting purposes. These online filings will be available again soon.

Help - Manage a Business

How do I "find my business"?

You may click the Find My Business link or use the Nevada Business Search to locate your business. Once you have located your business, you may click the Manage this Business button if you authorized to manage the business.

What is an “annual list”?

To renew a state business license, an “annual list of managers or members” is required to be filed every year by the end of the month in which your “articles of organization” were filed.

What is an “amended list”?

Whenever a company changes its officers, directors, members, or managing members, it is required to file an “amended list of managers or members” to ensure information remains up to date with State of Nevada agencies and in the public records maintained by the Secretary of State.

What is a “certificate of good standing”?

The Secretary of State’s office issues a “certificate of good standing” as proof that a company has filed all appropriate paperwork and paid all fees due for its charter and/or renewal. A “certificate of good standing” only verifies that the appropriate paperwork and fees are current. It is not an endorsement of a company’s stability or business practices.

How do I close a business?

Depending on the entity type, a company will need to file specific documents to dissolve/withdraw/terminate/cancel a business. Sole proprietors and general partnerships file “cancellation statements,” limited-liability companies file “articles of dissolution,” and corporations file “certificates of dissolution.” Click here for more information.

What is “common business registration”?

“Common business registration” is basic information about yourself and your company that nearly every governmental agency in Nevada requires. By providing this information through SilverFlume, participating state and local agencies are able to access your "common business registration” data as needed so that they can better serve you. This integrated service will save you valuable time when interacting with different agencies. Future services within SilverFlume will allow you to process licenses from municipal to state governmental agencies throughout Nevada.

What is a "digital operating agreement"?

An operating agreement is a good way to make sure all partners of an LLC understand their rights and responsibilities.

A six-minute video explaining the use of Digital Operating Agreements, produced by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Law and Society, focuses on Nevada’s use of the software and can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OwxAVkYlo&feature=youtu.be.

Why do I need "forms" if I want to file online?

The Forms link provides access to PDF forms for processes that you cannot conduct online at this time via SilverFlume Nevada's Business Portal.

What other actions can I conduct using the "More" link?

There are many activities a business may need to conduct. The More link will guide you to activities that are not yet available online or are specialized and require additional reviews by governmental staff and/or contact with other organizations.