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SilverFlume's online wizard will ask you questions to guide you through the licensing process for your domestic Nevada business. Each entity type below has a help icon or link next to it for more information. ?

Note: If you would like to file for an EXISTING business instead of a NEW business, click here to find and manage an EXISTING Nevada Business or if you are interested in setting up a Foreign (Non-Nevada) entity qualification, please visit the EXTERNAL web site at to find your respective entity type. Foreign qualifications cannot be conducted online via SilverFlume at this time.

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NRS Ch 86

(Excludes nonprofit and foreign qualified corporations)

NRS Ch 78, NRS Ch 78B

Paper Filings: The entity types below are not yet available online. Each link below directs you to the PDF form to print and submit a formation document for review.

Once your entity filing is completed and available in the Nevada Business Search, you may add the business to your dashboard and complete your Initial List and other real-time registration steps available via SilverFlume.


Business Trusts


Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Limited Parterships

Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)

Other Miscellaneous Entity Types

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