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Based on your answer, your business was formed in another state, and you would like to “foreign qualify” your non-Nevada business. This cannot currently be done using SilverFlume. Please click the foreign entity type in the list below and follow the instructions to file it with the Nevada Secretary of State's Office.

Please note that you will must appoint a Registered Agent (also known as a Resident Agent) with a physical address in Nevada to serve as your "service of process" for your business in Nevada. Please view the requirements for a Registered Agent here.


What type of new domestic Nevada business would you like to set up? ?



(Excludes professional and foreign qualified LLCs)

NRS Ch 86

(Excludes nonprofit and foreign qualified corporations)

NRS Ch 78, NRS Ch 78B

Paper Filings: The entity types below are not yet available online. Each link below directs you to the PDF form to print and submit a formation document for review. If you are interested in setting up a Foreign (Non-Nevada) entity qualification, please visit the EXTERNAL web site at to find your respective entity type. Foreign qualifications cannot be conducted online via SilverFlume at this time.

Once your entity filing is completed and available in the Nevada Business Search, you may add the business to your dashboard and complete your Initial List and other real-time registration steps available via SilverFlume.


Business Trusts


Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Limited Parterships

Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)

Other Miscellaneous Entity Types

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