COVID-19 Update: Pursuant to the Governor’s Declaration of Emergency Directive on March 15, 2020, our offices have suspended all in-person services and transactions. We continue to provide services and encourage individuals to submit filings and documents using online services, mail and email. Please use the following path for more information on how to best obtain services from the Secretary of State's office during the COVID-19 situation. Please be aware that the UCC search feature will be temporarily unavailable starting on September 15th. Please be aware that the SilverFlume Business Portal will be unavailable from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM on Thursday, September 24th for system upgrade.

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Digital Operating Agreement

 The Digital Operating Agreement is a free tool to help you automate the creation of an operating agreement for your limited-liability company.

  • Digitally collaborate in the process of establishing mutually agreeable terms
  • Define key governing rules and principles for your LLC
  • Increase the long-term viability of your organization
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Registered Agents Information

Every business entity filed in the office of the Secretary of State pursuant to Title 7 of the Nevada Revised Statutes is required to appoint and maintain a registered agent who resides or is located in this state, upon whom all legal process and any demand or notice authorized by law may be served. See NRS 14.020.

The registered agent has the primary responsibility for receiving notices of litigation (service of process) for the entity. The registered agent also receives annual report notifications and notices of default or revocation from the Secretary of State and may receive notices from other state agencies on behalf of the entity. 

While you may serve as your own registered agent, provided you reside or are located in Nevada, you may also use a registered agent service provider, law office, accounting firm or other entity that specializes in acting as a registered agent. The statutory provisions related to registered agents are located in NRS Chapter 77 and in the individual chapters relating to the various entity types. 

Nevada has adopted the Model Registered Agents Act (MoRAA) NRS Chapter 77 , effective July 1, 2008. 

Any natural person or entity residing or located in the state of Nevada may register with the Secretary of State his willingness to serve as the registered agent of a Nevada entity or a foreign qualified entity. This registered agent list may be found on the Secretary of State's web site at
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Economic Development Studies

Below are links to the economic development state plan and to the series of studies and reports commissioned by the Office of Secretary of State to support the plan and mission of Nevada's Office of Economic Development.

Preliminary analyses, conducted by the Brookings Institution and SRI International, provide perspective on Nevada's current economic situation, and on the state's strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future economic growth and diversity. The state plan developed by the Governor's Office of Economic Development provides solid solutions and a clear direction, over the next two years, toward advancing Nevada's goal of diversifying and advancing its economy.

The Board of Economic Development, of which Secretary of State Barbara K. Cegavske is a member, welcomes your comments and suggestions for the State Plan.

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I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and acknowledge that pursuant to NRS 239.330, it is a category C felony to knowingly offer any false or forged instrument for filing in the Office of the Secretary of State.